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Safety/ Covid-19 Response Plan

DGC Contracting understands the importance of Safety and therefore established a Safety Program to educate our field and office personnel. It is our mission to not only provide a safe environment on the construction sites, but to try and provide the best and most affordable insurance policies for our office team. We do not feel it is the responsibility of any single employee to look after the safety program, but rather the responsibility of every member of our staff. Only through ‘team work’ will the safety program prosper, which is the philosophy of our company. We are constantly striving to be the best in our industry through a program that includes the following:

* Our safety team is driven from top to bottom in order to promote “SAFETY FIRST”

* We emphasize Accident Prevention through constant training.

* Every project has to report to the corporate office immediately as to any activity that involves the safety of the workers. In addition to the weekly safety meetings held at each project we also do our own inspections on a weekly basis. We require that all sub-contractors have a safety program of their own and we will continually monitor each and every member of our staff to fill out A Safety Report when they visit the site.

A full Covid-19 OSHA Preparedness and Response Plan can be found on all of our
projects and in our offices. This plan consists of:

    • Step-by-step action plan
    • A complete safe operations list
    • Guides how to sanitize, ventilate, and reduce
      employee interaction to minimize exposure
    • OSHA record keeping
    • Visitor questionnaire and privacy notice
    • Guide on how to perform contact tracing, and

The results speak for themselves and we are proud of our approach to safety, as well as our employees’ determination to create a safe environment for everyone who enters our job sites. This is why it is “SAFETY FIRST” on all projects.

Through this Safety Program we have found our sites to be a pleasant and safe environment to work in and as history proves itself we have not had any OSHA violations in many previous years. Our insurance rates reflect our commitment to safety and are of the lowest in the market.

DGC Contracting’s commitment to “SAFETY FIRST” has proven to be very effective in every way and we will continue to strive to be the ‘very best’ and research ways on how to improve our system and help educate others in order to eliminate any accidents.